Get to consistent £10k+ months faster

This is your place to have deep and powerful business conversations with our intimate community of like-minded, driven, entrepreneurs.

It’s a safe space filled with experienced entrepreneurs to ask questions and get answers – fast.

It enables you to get to £10k months faster and easier, whilst running your business in a way that feels right to you.

Stop feeling overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed

If you feel like you are working your @rse off in your business every single day and still not hitting those consistent £10k+ months then STOP. We are here to support, push and champion you to smash your business & life goals.

The Business Zone is the emergency hotline I didn’t even know I needed for my business. Case in point – when I urgently needed a contract template to complete a deal – I got sent one in minutes. When I needed someone to help me with a hiring decision – I had a call a few hours later. Having a place where I can get instant feedback, cheering, advice & resources is the ultimate business support on speed dial.” Micaela Karina, Director

Go from Stressed to Success

▶︎ Know how to achieve more in less time. Let’s bust that time stress!

▶︎ Get robust answers to your business questions fast so that you can grow even faster.

▶︎ Get other entrepreneurs eyes on your business to ask, advise & validate – get things right first time.

▶︎ Tailored advice & support – no out of the box templates.

▶︎ Feel confident in growing and scaling your business to hit consistent £10k+ month income.

▶︎ Make less mistakes & get answers quicker.

▶︎ Get incredible support from remarkable business people who will push you to grow your business.

▶︎ Get clear advice from fiercely ambitious entrepreneurs who have done it, or are doing it now.

▶︎ Learn how to build a business that fits your lifestyle.

▶︎ Feel inspired by our Community, training and workshops.

Support to get you to consistent £10k+ months:

1. Access to a trusted Community of ambitious, driven and experienced business people through events, workshops and small group coaching sessions

2. Daily support to get to the answer quicker by asking questions, chatting and debating in our online Slack group

3. Advice and support on anything and everything to do with your business through small group coaching sessions

4. Enhanced business Leadership skills through monthly training, workshops, specialist speakers and inspirational founder stories

5. Direct access to our host, Cathy Vass, for tailored support when you need it most

This is affordable support to help with the day to day running of your business right through to business strategy and growing the business – at your fingertips

What is The Business Zone?

We offer day to day support right through to developing your business strategy so you get all the help that you need to grow a successful business and smash those £10k+ months.

I absolutely promise you that there are no flaky promises in this Membership and there are no hard sales. Once you are in this group, you’ll get access to me and many other pre-vetted business owners – so you can rest assured that you are in a safe place, surrounded by like minded driven entrepreneurs.

You will be able to:

⏺ Ask questions & tap into other smart minds in our online chat group so that you feel in control

⏺ Grow your business through our practical workshops and expert speaker events so that you are constantly developing

⏺ Get advice tailored to you & your business in our small workshop sessions

⏺ Learn from other founders skills, knowledge and experience to fast track your route to success

What does it cost?

£40* per month

*prices will be rising to £60 from 4th October 2021

How it works

Slack Chat

Daily business chat to ask questions, & get realtime answers.

Hop into Slack at any time to ask questions, chat business & pick the brains of your experienced peers.

Small Group Coaching

Monthly sessions to get eyes on your business.

Join a group of up to 10 business owners in a Q&A session with Cathy or a specialist. Ask your questions & get clear answers.


Monthly live workshops, training, speakers and Q&A sessions to up your leadership game.

Our workshops take you to being an inspiring, confident and strategic leader.

Meet your Peers

Regular networking events that push your thinking. 

Meet like minded people to discuss, debate and challenge your thinking.

Being part of The Business Zone has helped us with all aspects of our growth and development, being able to have an expert on hand to support us has allowed us to focus on scaling our business to achieve our ambitious goals.”

danielle rolfe, managing partner @ penton park

Are we right for you?

▶︎ If you want to work with people who understand the business journey, who will support you and celebrate your successes, then we are for you.

▷ This is an online membership with an active daily chat group, incredible live workshops, intensive small group work and energetic Q&A sessions.

▶︎ We offer day to day business support, Leadership development and Thought Leadership initiatives, so that you get the best of both worlds – tactical support coupled with strategic growth.

▷ We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” solution and we know there is no silver bullet or magic wand to business success. Instead we tailor our support so that you can start growing and scaling your business to achieve consistent £10k+ months.

▶︎ We work in an open, honest and collaborative way, focused on supporting and championing each other continuously. Everyone is kind and genuinely wants to have a positive impact on the World through their business success. This is not a sales group.

Are you right for us?

▷ We love working with fiercely ambitious who want to be the best version of themselves as leaders/ creators/ innovators/ inspirers.

▶︎ If you want to feel confident about growing and scaling your business but you feel like there are never enough hours in the day and you’re sick of being given generic one-size fits all advice – we are going to get on well!

▷ You know that Business is about more than just money – yes you want to earn more – but you also want to give back to your community, have a flexible lifestyle, get more time to do the things you love and know that you’re having positive impact on the World.

▶︎ You need to be committed and know that quick fixes & silver bullets don’t really exist (which is OK because you want to build a long term sustainable business!).

Meet your Host…

Hey, I’m Cathy!

I am really passionate about small business growth and with over 26 years experience of coaching business leaders and building profitable companies, I know what it really takes to grow and scale a business.

I’ve built three of my own businesses and I’ve worked with numerous successful entrepreneurs. I have over 25 years experience in Business Coaching, Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Human Resources, Change Management, Leadership Development & Psychology and I want to share all of that with you so that you can grow your business to smash your money and lifestyle goals.

Here is what I believe:

Leadership is everything – successful entrepreneurs know exactly what they want to achieve and they are laser focused on delivering against their strategy. They aren’t run-ragged with doing everything themselves, instead, they are in calm and in control. I want to help entrepreneurs get in to the same head and heart space of feeling calm and in control.

A robust Business Community is essential to support & challenge you. It can be the make or break of an Entrepreneur. Who do you turn to? Who has your back? Who pushes you? Who do you learn from? Who wants to see you succeed as much as you do? Without these kind of people by your side you’ll likely find yourself feeling unsure, making mistakes and frustrated that your business isn’t doing better.

One Size doesn’t work. There I said it. Copying what someone else has done or following their blueprint may have worked for them, but it’s unlikely to work for you. I see so many entrepreneurs parting with thousands of pounds of hard earned cash in the hope that the next course/workshop/retreat/mastermind is going to be the silver bullet to their success – when it isn’t … because each business is different.

Giving you what you need to succeed

I know that it’s tough to find a membership that really delivers what you need – I know because I’ve searched for it in the past. Some are just too “clicky”. Some have too broad a range of people and experience in it. Some over promise and under-deliver. Some are inconsistent. Some are jammed with aggressive sales. Some are too Corporate. Some are too top level or “woo-woo”. Others don’t go deep enough to give you what you really need whilst others are too specialist or not commercial enough.

Finding practical day to day advice coupled with longer term, commercial support along with a group of inspiring and driven entrepreneurs is the utopia of business support. The ideal balance is short term tactical support coupled with long term vision and planning, because in reality you need support on both fronts. Our balance of the two is what makes The Business Zone so special and unique.

Our collective of smart, like minded entrepreneurs are equally as driven to succeed as you are so everyone can brainstorm, debate, challenge and learn from one another’s experiences- ultimately you’ll be able to get to the answer quicker, fail less and grow quicker.

As a Community, we support you to create your legacy, that will last for years to come, and we help you to feel ultra confident in your ability as a Business Leader to deliver it.

Come on, let’s ignite your growth!

“I worked in Corporate for most of my 25-year career which meant I could go to my colleagues in marketing, sales, PR, HR or finance and ask for help. I could rely on them and their specialist knowledge to get the job done. We had teams of people to help us.

But when you have your own business, who do you turn to when you have questions like ‘should I hire or outsource; what’s the best route to market; how do I market my business and increase sales’. You have to either hire an expert, outsource or learn those skills pretty quickly. It can be a shock to the system. It’s hard to know what to do and where to go.

On top of that, we’ve heard horror stories from clients charged thousands of pounds for courses, programmes and masterminds to help grow their business which actually leaves them in debt and no further on.

“That’s why we created The Business Zone. It’s an online business community which provides affordable support to help with the day to day running of your business right through to business strategy and growing the business.” Cathy Vass, Director & Co-Founder of Green Zebra and The Business Zone.

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